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Drinkable (Decent) Root Beers Rated from Best to Worst
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Root Beer


Old Town Root Beer 66

Yet another Route 66 themed root beer. This has a nice full Body that is dark and rooty with wintergreen and a tiny hint of honey coming through. It is also pretty creamy from the vanilla. The Bite comes in with cinnamon and a little prickly bit of carbonation but still with a smooth finish. The Head, however, is pathetic. It is very short (less than a centimeter) and fizzes away in seconds, what I like to call the "Two Second Head." Such a Head actually plagues a lot of root beers but that's no excuse. The Aftertaste is a bit sticky and creamy with traces of wintergreen and honey. So wow, delicious, delicious. But, I can't give a Seal of Approval to a two second Head.

The Cider Mill Soda Company Rootin Tootin Root Beer

The Body is full and rich with creamy vanilla and blue agave nectar featuring prominently. It has a rather heavy feel to it which I think is from said nectar. Everything mingles together to give a wonderful flavor that's familiar and comforting as well as unique. The Bite is very mild. There's a little spice but the carbonation is really lacking. The Head is poor, there's no point mincing words over that. It's very short, yet frothy so as to be better than the two-second-Head. It's just that it isn't carbonated enough to build a Head. The Aftertaste is a delicious combination of the blue agave and vanilla that lasts the perfect amount of time. The only flaw in this is that it really doesn't have much carbonation, which was their stated goal on the bottle, but without a better Head, it can't get the Seal, what a shame. It would make an awesome float though.

Olde No. 43 Root Beer

The Body is rich and spicy with a nice sassafras flavor. It's dark but not from licorice, but molasses. There's an excellent Bite from the spices and a good carbonation level. The Head is, sadly, pathetic, gone in seconds, short while it's there; a travesty really. The Aftertaste is slight wintergreen and molasses with just a hint of spice wafting away. This tastes amazing, but that whole, "two second Head" sorry.

Fest Pecan Root Beer

The Body is very sweet and has strong caramel pecan notes over a medium sassafras flavor. The Bite is lacking in spice yet not smooth. It does have a good carbonation level. The Head is very tall but has no staying power and is gone before the first few sips are taken. The Aftertaste is a wonderful vanilla praline flavor that lasts the right amount of time. I like this unique take on root beer, but there's lot of depth that's missing in this brew unfortunately.

Sno-Cap Root Beer

It has a sweet and caramely Body that is a little syrupy in texture. There's some vanilla in there as well. The Bite is very prickly on carbonation but light on spices. The Head is very tall with adequate staying power, but I’ve seen better. The Aftertaste is on the light side, some vanilla and caramel, that turns a bit bitter. This is pretty good, but just doesn't quite do it for me.

Margo's Bark Root Beer

This has a rich and complex Body. There is a strong molasses flavor complemented by wintergreen, vanilla, and spices. It has a smooth and creamy texture. The Bite is pretty mild despite the trademarked tagline "Drink a bite!" on the bottle. It is there, some clove and cassia spicing things a bit. The Head is medium height and froth, sufficient but nothing special. The Aftertaste is the best part of this in my opinion. The molasses flavor is presented but much more toned down allowing the spiced vanilla and wintergreen to stand out with vanilla the final flavor left on the palate. This one was close, but just not quite over the top for me.

Capt'n Eli's Root Beer

A well crafted brew with attention to detail. I could taste the fact that they used natural flavors. The Body was sweet and creamy but with too much anise and no honey. The Bite was spicy and the Head was perfect. The Aftertaste was of vanilla and anise that wasn't bad but at the same time not overly good. It was really good brew, but I just don't like the anise flavor too much, if they just had a little less of that and some honey... I found this at www.captneli.com.

Anchor Ginger Root Beer

The Body starts out with a full ginger flavor like a good ginger ale. This masks out all other flavors initially. The ginger slowly gives way to a nice creamy root beer flavor that is very nice. The Bite is strong from the ginger and an average carbonation fizz, but doesn't burn by any means and actually goes down rather smooth in the end. The Head is terrible, sadly. It's barely better than the Two Second Head, probably more like a five second Head. Tragic. The Aftertaste is a caramely vanilla flavor with ginger hints that lasts the right amount of time. This is an excellent brew that successfully incorporates the ginger without losing any root beer-ness. Sadly, the Head keeps it from a Seal of Approval.

Bavarian Inn Root Beer

The Body is spicy and sweet. There's a bit of wintergreen and a hint of some vanilla in there as well but mostly spice. And speaking of spice, what a Bite! There's a strong kick from what seems cinnamon and ginger and some other's I can't quite put my finger on. The Head is on the short side but decent. The Aftertaste is rather light, the traces of the beet sugar and some vanilla-ish something with the spice burn fading. Nothing really bad and I like that Bite. It's nice to see a spicy brew now and again. It's just not quite all there for me.

Spring Grove Root Beer

This has a nice fully Body with a complex and spicy flavor. There is a hair too much licorice. It is syrupy and creamy. There is a decent spice Bite but it is a little lacking on the carbonation. It goes down nice and smooth. The Head is amazing. The first bottle was unbelievably tall and frothy and lasted nearly forever. The second bottle's Head wasn't as tall but was still wonderful. The Aftertaste is sticky, sweet, and spicy with hint of licorice. It's better than average, but I think I would still pass it up if I were looking for a nice sipping brew.

Saint Arnold Root Beer

This is a delicious root beer. It has a rich, dark, rooty Body that is at the same time very creamy. The Bite boldly hits you as soon as the brew enters your mouth and stays with you a bit. It is sharp and spicy. The Aftertaste is very creamy and lingers a long time, which is to be desired. The Head however, is weak, too weak. It is, however, frothy.

Baumeister Root Beer

The Body is sweet and a little creamy. It is also a little watery at first. There is a noticeable cinnamon flavor that comes in after the initial contact. This makes for a pretty sharp Bite combined with the carbonation. The Head is kind of weak and fizzes down quickly, but the last half a centimeter lingers around for quite some time. I prefer better, but this isn't too bad. The Aftertaste is vanilla and cinnamon, kind of like a Myers but not quite as much. The cinnamon flavor sticks around for awhile and masks out the wateriness after about half a bottle, so it's pretty darn good after the first half. I think, however, to get a Seal of Approval, it should be pretty darn good for the whole bottle, not just the second half.

Dr. McGillicuddy's Root Beer

This is a medium Bodied brew that is sweet and creamy. It has a nice vanilla flavor to it that is very delicious. The Bite is very mild. While I like it smooth, there really isn't any Bite at all and some more spices would be nice. The Head is a proper one, tall and frothy. The Aftertaste is creamy vanilla and birch. It's a really good root beer but there really isn't anything overly exceptional about it. It's better than average but not quite sipping variety.

Windy City Soda Root Beer

The Body is sweet with some vanilla and caramel hints but is also a tad bland. The Bite is sharp and spicy. The Head is short yet frothy. The Aftertaste is very light vanilla. It's pretty good and also refreshing.

Lion Brewery Root Beer

This has hearty, full Body to it. It has a very dark and rooty sassafras flavor. It isn't very creamy sadly. The Bite is a too little harsh for my tastes. The Head is on the weak side. It is mildly frothy and thus fizzes down quickly, but doesn't disappear. The Aftertaste is a sweet sassafras flavor with slight accents of wintergreen that lingers awhile. This is definitely a quality, solid brew, but not my style. I prefer my root beers a bit creamier, smoother, and with a frothier Head. Therefore, this is a prime root beer for a gourmet root beer float. One scoop of vanilla ice cream will fix all of its shortcomings.

Rock It Root Beer

The Body is rich and full but not dark. It's sweet and crisp from the cane sugar and there are hints of vanilla coming through. It tastes great! The Bite is strong from a combination of spices and the carbonation. The carbonation releases suddenly from the liquid and gives a slight acidic flavor and burn as it bites you. The Head is very strange. It is very dark colored and bubbles up quickly to a medium height. Then, rather than fizzing away, the bubbles coalesce into larger and larger bubbles before the one large bubble pops. This all happens in about 10 seconds and I've never seen anything like it before. The Aftertaste is sort of spicy caramel with some vanilla. It is really good. So, the flavors are all in place for this brew but the Bite and the Head are just a little too off. Cool name though and even cooler picture.

McCutcheon's Root Beer

The Body is dark and rooty with some wintergreen and a tad bit of licorice coming though. The Bite is nice and spicy, yet it finishes smooth. The Head is super tall and lasts a long time. It makes medium sized bubbles rather than the tiny ones, which is fine. The Aftertaste is really good with some creamy vanilla and a dab of wintergreen. This brew is a bit darker than I prefer, but still high quality, especially the smooth, creamy finish.

Triple AAA Root Beer

The Body has a solid sassafras flavor with some creamy vanilla. Other than that though, it is rather simple, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. There is a nice little spice Bite that comes in after the initial contact but it is still very smooth. The Head is very tall, but it fizzes down very quickly, so it loses some points for that. The Aftertaste is more sassafras and vanilla that lasts awhile and has some bitter hints at the end. This is pretty good, but not quite enough for me.

Ben's Brew Root Beer

The Body is creamy and spicy with a very traditional flavor. There are hints of licorice and caramel in there as well. It's pretty good. The Bite is sharp and sassy. The Head was short and very frothy with the first bottle, and tall but fizzed away with the second. Either way it is pretty good. The Aftertaste is a light licorice with hints of wintergreen. This tastes like a mix between the dark spicy type and the rich creamy type. Not bad.

Propeller Root Beer

The Body is sweet with the standard creamy root beer flavor. It is a little on the light side but it has some nice cane sugar and vanilla as well as some spice. The Bite is decent from the aforementioned spice. I think I want to say there's some cinnamon. The Head is medium height with average staying power. It forms large bubbles as it fizzes down which is kind of unique. The Aftertaste is a light vanilla and cane sugar that doesn't quite last long enough. This is a good brew that just needs to be a little stronger.

Dublin Texas Root Beer

The Body is sweet and a little creamy and full of the standard root beer flavors, so much so that it borders being generic tasting. It's a little on the dark side as well. The Bite is prickly from carbonation but lacking in spice. The Head is tall but fizzes down at an average speed, faster than I feel it should. The Aftertaste is a sort of sticky caramel almost vanilla flavor. It's a solid brew for a barbeque or a float, but not quite sipping variety.

Northwoods Wild Bill's Root Beer

A sweet carmely flavor with some creamy vanilla and hints of licorice make up the full Body of this brew. The Bite is good as well from some spices and carbonation. The Head is okay. It foams up to a decent height but then quickly fizzes down. The Aftertaste is caramel with some licorice accents and vanilla. It's a solid brew but doesn't really do anything for me.

Premium Brewski Root Beer

The Body is sweet and a little creamy. There is some vanilla coming through but overall it's on the light side. The Bite is almost non-existant. It is extremely smooth and lacks spice or even fizz after being poured. The Head is impeccable. It is tall enough that I can't pour a whole bottle in my mug, and lasts forever. I'm talking Diamond Head type for-ev-ER! I think it may be the best Head I've encountered so far. The Aftertaste is a light and sweet vanilla that's gone too soon. Other than the fabulous Head, this brew is rather bland. It doesn't taste bad at all though, and the Head earns it some bonus points.

Michigan Brewing's Miner's Brew Root Beer Soda

This has got a sweet and spicy Body that has a lovely caramel vanilla flavor to it. There's also a slightest hint of some bitter fruity that I don't really care for. The Bite is strong. It burns you when you first drink it and then again when you swallow. I like the spice in it, but there is a lot of carbonation burn. The Head is short and moderately frothy. The Aftertaste is vanilla that lasts a long, long time. I love the flavor, but it needs less Bite and more Head.

The Pop Shoppe Root Beer

The Body is sweet on the initial contact and then is a little creamy with a hint of fruity. It is a little light on some of the essential root beer flavors and isn't really creamy enough for a quality root beer. The Bite is very smooth, which isn't a bad thing. The Head is how a Head should be. Frothy, foamy, and it lasts forever. Seriously, I do believe the pyramids will erode before the Head fully disappears. I have never seen a root beer Head last so long. Maybe it's the propylene glycol they put in it (I've never had a root beer with that either.) The Aftertaste is sweet and slightly creamy and fruity. This root beer is almost Seal of Approval, but just barely fell short. It does win the Diamond Head Award, if I had such an award.

Northwoods Wild Bill's Natural Root Beer

This has a medium Body. There is a nice sweet caramel flavor and some vanilla hints. It is crisp but not creamy. The Bite is a tad sharp but ends smooth. The Head is a decent height and frothy so that it lasts several minutes. The Aftertaste is of spiced caramel and a tad vanilla that lasts awhile. Overall it is a little milder and less creamy then the original Northwoods Wild Bill's though it has a better Head. I think the original is just a tiny bit better though it's really close.

Milligan's Island Awesome Root Beer

This was good. A wonderful Body. The Bite was good. The Aftertaste was pleasurable but the Head was awful. It would was not only small, but it would go flat in about a minute. This alone was enough to stop it from getting the Seal of Approval. I ordered this from Connecticut.

Cooper's Cave Ale Company Root Beer

The Body is solid with the standard root beer flavors and slightly creamy. It has a nice cane sugar flavor. The Bite is good on carbonation but light on spices. It is nice and smooth but I like a little more spice to it. The Head is on the short side sadly, with medium-light froth so it's gone pretty quickly. The Aftertaste is sweet and creamy. This is a pretty solid brew but it could be better in several areas so it doesn't quite earn the coveted Seal.

Pearson Bros. Root Beer

This has a medium Body with a creamy caramel flavor. I like it quite a bit. There is a decent spicy Bite from some cinnamon or other spice. The Head is the classic Two Second Head, very disappointing. The Aftertaste is a spiced caramel flavor with vanilla. This is a pretty decent brew but not top notch.

Filbert's Root Beer

This is a very sweet medium Bodied brew that tastes like a root beer barrel candy. There is a hint of something kind of icky and out of place though. There are also some spices which add to the Bite but it is very smooth. The Head is very nice. It has an excellent height and is pretty frothy. I've seen better though. The Aftertaste is a letdown. It isn't really anything. There are the faintest traces of sugar and vanilla but it is nowhere near enough. Overall it's pretty good.

Sea Dog Root Beer

Well, it seems that ol' (or maybe I should say young) Capt'n Eli taught his dog how to brew root beer as well. I must say, Sea Dog is pretty good. There is a lot of attention to details for a dog. It has a full flavored, smooth Body but unfortunately too much anise (I expect that he learned that from the Cap'.) There is not much Bite. It is really smooth which I do like though I think it should have a little bit more too it. The Head is excellent! It is difficult to pour a whole bottle into a mug. The head lasts almost as long as a diamond. Unfortunately it doesn't taste so good. The Aftertaste is a creamy vanilla and anise. Not really bad but not overly good. Overall it is a solid brew but not quite exceptional. This can also be found at www.captaineli.com.

Route 66 Root Beer

Not to be confused with Root 66 Root Beer, which I did for awhile and thus ignored this one when I saw it at the store. I guess the pun is a little too irresistible. Luckily the store was close to home so when I realized the error I was able to quickly correct it. The Body is nice. It's got most of the standard flavors in the right proportion but they vanish quickly. There is a nice creamy hint to the body. The Bite is very nice. It bites the tongue with both carbonation and some spices but is not harsh by any means. The Head is a decent height, but fizzes away too quickly. The Aftertaste is a sweet creamy vanilla. All in all this is a solid brew but just not quite enough, though, it is better than its homonymic brother.

Johnnie Ryan Root Beer

This has a full Body that is sweet and slightly creamy. It basically has the standard root beer flavor. The Bite is strong from carbonation but light on spices; I prefer it a little more the other way. The Head is a decent height but low on froth and fizzes away in seconds. The root beer is not left flat by any means however. The Aftertaste is a mild sweet vanilla. It's a good brew, but not quite exceptional. Perhaps if they used more "flavor" than preservatives ... but what do I know?

Clover Classics Root Beer

A sweet rich Body with a zippy little Bite. The Aftertaste is some what fruity but not too fruity to be displeasing. The Head however is completely terrible. There is no head at all and it is practically flat. I ordered this online.

Thomas Kemper Pure Draft Root Beer

A better than average brew but nothing spectacular. Nice Body, Bite, Head, and Aftertaste. Good on everything but not great on any of them. I think this can be found across the Western USA.

Thunder Beast Root Beer

The Body sports a maple butterscotch flavor on the initial contact which then reveals a rather light traditional root beer flavor. There's also something else in there that's a bit out of place. The Bite has kind of a sour acid burn but not much else. It's not smooth either. The Head is medium-short but very foamy and it lasts as it should. The Aftertaste is light maple and butterscotch. I really like those two flavors and this is very unique to have them paired. It could use a bit more depth in the Body and Bite department though.

Deer Field Trading Company Root Beer

This is good. The Body is sweet and creamy though with a tad too much licorice. The Bite is nice and spicy. The Head is short, with a medium froth, which is rather disappointing. The Aftertaste is dark and almost candyish. Found this in Walgreens. The name was also changed to Good and D'Lish Root Beer.

Tommyknocker Root Beer

The Body is mapley, but kind of empty and not overly sweet. I do love that maple flavor though. There is not really much Bite at all, and, though I do like it smooth I like a little more. The Head is frothy but nothing too spectacular. I would class it as okay. The Aftertaste is of maple but it doesn't linger. This brew gives a good first impression but falls short afterwards. It is also disappointing because they changed their recipe from what it originally was. To see the original review, click here

Dang! That's Good Butterscotch Root Beer

The Body has a very strong, extremely sweet butterscotch flavor that masks out the other root beer flavors, which are on the light side, the very light side. I hold the brew in my mouth a little longer than usual before swallowing, waiting for something more, sadly it never comes. The Bite consists mainly of a carbonation tingle which is thankfully toned down from the original Dang! That's Good Root Beer. The Head is of excellent height but not too frothy so it fizzes down pretty quick. The last centimeter or so lingers around a little bit longer. The Aftertaste is mostly butterscotch with a slight hint of standard root beer flavors. While I like the butterscotch, the Body is too hollow and the Bite is too off for a Seal of Approval.

Cappy's Old Time Maine Root Beer

The Body is that of a generic creamy root beer. Nothing really stands out at all but it’s good. The Bite is on the mild side with only a hint of spice. The Head is adequate, both in height in froth, but nothing special. The Aftertaste is a light vanilla and caramel flavor with the slightest bit of wintergreen. This is a pleasant brew.

Trader Joe's Root Beer

This stuff is completely average for me. Nice Body, Bite, Aftertaste, but lacking in Head. There is absolutely nothing special about this. I would put this as the stereotypical gourmet root beer. Found this at a Trader Joe's store. Hey Joe, what do you know?

A&W Root Beer

The standard Root Beer. When you think of root beer, this is what you think of. It's got a good Body and nice Head, but is too harsh in the carbonation on the Bite. Aftertaste is very pleasant. This is a nice creamy root beer. It's better out of the tap at one of the many restaurants, but still good in a bottle.

Moosejaw Root Beer

The Body is sweet and spicy with honey and wintergreen and some slight bit of fruity. There's a solid spicy Bite. The Head is short, but frothy and lingers. The Aftertaste is some fruity honey and spice. I suspect that the honey used in this was a fruity type honey which is where that flavor comes from. I like the spicy honey, but not the fruity and the poor Head.

Goose Island Root Beer

A nice sweet, smooth Body that was a little tangy. Wonderful Bite and a strange but pleasant Aftertaste. The Head however was horrible.

Berghoff Root Beer

The Body is sweet and caramely with a good sassafras flavor and some vanilla undertones. But, something seems a little out of place, some faint thing under the surface. The Bite is pretty good with some cinnamon that doesn’t overpower. The Head is adequate, medium height and frothiness. The Aftertaste is vanilla and some cinnamon and that little something-not-quite-right. That doesn't ruin it, but it does take it down a notch. This is better than the previous version (Berghoff Famous), so there's that.

Jack Black's Dead Red Root Beer

This has a nice sweet and creamy Body. After the initial contact however, there is a strange flavor that surfaces and takes away from beauty of the brew. The Bite is too strange. There is too much Guarana in it. The Head is alright. The Aftertaste is of vanilla and Guarana.

Lost Trail Root Beer

This had a strong, almost dark Body. There was a noticeable amount of wintergreen that was not displeasing. The Bite was just right and the bottles were sealed tight (a couplet? Maybe not.) The Head was nice and frothy. It lingered like it should but wasn't anything extraordinary. The Aftertaste was a rather deplorable sticky type of thing that kind of ruined the otherwise pleasing experience. This is a good root beer that would go great with pizza and other foods, but not quite sipping quality.

Appalachian Brewing Company Root Beer

Quite a 'stout' brew. It has a very rich Body with accents of honey and wintergreen. There is a tad too much licorice for my tastes. The Bite is a bit harsh from carbonation though light on spicy. The Head is medium height and fizzes down too quickly. The Aftertaste is a sticky licorice and wintergreen with some honey. It lasts a little too long in my opinion. This is good 'stout' root beer but I prefer creamier, smoother ones.

Virgil's Special Edition Bavarian Nutmeg Root Beer

This has a very complex Body that is creamy, sort of fruity, and not overly sweet. It lacks the essential sassafras flavor and comes across a little weak because of it. It has a nice Bite on account of the cinnamon and nutmeg but manages to keep it on the smooth side. The Head is a major drawback. It is weak and fizzes away quickly. The Aftertaste is a creamy and slightly fruity flavor with hints of honey. It lingers awhile and is not unpleasant. This one is much better than the standard Virgil’s but the lack of sassafras flavor is significant and fruitiness is slightly out of place. Replace that fruitiness with the sassafras and give it a nice Head and it would be amazing. It says that it is a winner of the NASFT “Outstanding Beverage” Award. Though this an O.K. brew, I wouldn’t go that far.

DougieDog Butterscotch Root Beer

The Body is very sweet like candy but not overly full. After the initial contact a butterscotch candy flavor comes in which is pretty good. The Bite is decent but nothing special. The Head is weak and fizzes away instantly which I despise. The Aftertaste is a creamy, sticky butterscotch flavor which is delicious. Overall it has a good flavor and bonus points for working in something unique like butterscotch, but a horrible head sealed its fate.

Jackson Hole Buckin' Root Beer

A nice rooty Body with a spicy Bite made drinking this root beer rather enjoyable. The flavor was like that of a root beer barrel candy. The Head wasn't very frothy and fizzed away very quickly which disappointed me. The Aftertaste was sweet and spicy. There was a noticeable lack of vanilla flavor so it wasn't very creamy however. Factoring that into both body and Aftertaste, coupled with the less than favorable head it is slightly more than drinkable at best. Found this in a supermarket in Pullman, WA.

Barrel Brothers Creamy Vanilla Root Beer

Firstly, this smells rancid. I don't know why but it does. The Body, however, doesn't taste like its aroma at all. It has a very mild flavor with lots of rich, creamy vanilla. There's a hint of something out of place with it. I can't put my finger on it, but something doesn't taste right. The Bite is okay from carbonation but no real spices to speak of. It is very smooth, as I prefer. I wish it had a bit of spice tingle to it, though. The Head is perfect. Yup, nothing more to say about that. The Aftertaste is vanilla, lovely vanilla. There's the slightest hint of that out-of-place flavor but it quickly vanishes and is replaced by that wonderful vanilla. So this root beer truly lives up to its name. It's almost more of a cream soda than a root beer. It's quite an improvement over their original root beer for sure.

Killebrew Root Beer

When I poured it out I said to myself, "Oh look at that, there isn't really much Head at all ... and it's gone." Yeah, tragic. This has a very sweet Body, though I wouldn't call it full. In addition to the standard root beer flavor there is honey and a small pinch of cinnamon coming through as well. It isn't very creamy though. The cinnamon makes for a decent Bite when mixed with the carbonation tingle. The Aftertaste is very little. What there is of it is good, a bit of honey and a dash of cinnamon. This brew has serious potential if it just had a little more of its core flavors. Oh, a decent Head would be nice too.

Boom Chugga Lugga Cherry Root Bear

The Body is generic root beer that is quickly eclipsed by a rich black cherry flavor. There's almost a bubble gum taste to it for just a moment as the root beer fades away leaving only the cherry. It actually works and is quite delicious. The Bite is rather unimpressive. There's a sharp carbonation sting but really no spices. It ends smooth. The Head is short and fizzes away quickly. It's better than a two second Head but not much. The Aftertaste is a rich black cherry flavor with some creamy hints that seem like vanilla. I like it. I didn't expect to at all, but the cherry really works with it. The poor Head and Bite however pull it down.

Flashback Malt Shoppe Olde Time Root Beer

The Body is medium strength with delicious vanilla and honey accents. There's a lot of spice in there as well. The Bite is strong from the spice and the carbonation, almost too much. The Head is deplorable, barely better than the two second Head. The Aftertaste is a light vanilla and honey that lasts an appropriate amount of time. This is good but really needs a proper Head.

Central Coast Brewing Company Old Fashioned Root Beer

The Body is somewhat rich with a full sassafras flavor complimented by some light vanilla and wintergreen hints. The Bite is very nice with a bit of spice that I can't place and some carbonation burn. The Head is very tall but only moderately frothy. It fizzes down quickly but the last bit lingers awhile. The Aftertaste is light vanilla and wintergreen that vanishes seconds after you swallow. It's the biggest flaw in this I feel. It's an all around solid brew but doesn't really move me the way my favorites do.

Captain Jack's Root Beer Soda

The Body is sort of rich and sort of dark. There's some wintergreen and the slightest bit of honey but not much. There's a tad bit of Bite but not a lot. It isn't really very smooth though. The Head is medium in height and frothiness. It lingers but not as long as I prefer. The Aftertaste is some wintergreen. This stuff is pretty good. I wish the honey had a stronger presence though.

Polar Classics Root Beer

The Body is sweet and creamy with lots of vanilla, yet it is a little less full than it should be. There seems to be something not quite right about it, but not really any bad flavors. There really isn't much Bite at all, yet it isn't smooth, it is prickly and goes down prickly. The Head is proper, tall and very frothy, so it lingers around the whole time you drink it. The Aftertaste is lovely vanilla that last just about the right amount of time. This root beer almost pulls it off, but not quite.

Firemans Brew Root Beer

The Body is dark and a tad creamy from what seems a hint of vanilla. There seems to be some anise and wintergreen. It tastes rather generic though; I swear I've had numerous root beers with this same flavor repertoire. It is toned down from some of those stouts so it isn't too bad. The Bite is decent, and the overall brew is pretty smooth. The Head is tall and pretty frothy. It fizzes down a bit quicker than I prefer but it is still good. The Aftertaste is a dark anise flavor with accents of vanilla and wintergreen. All in all it's a decent brew but nothing spectacular.

Oregon City Soda Company Root Beer

The Body is not overly sweet or strong. There's a slight hint of vanilla and some nice cinnamon but nothing really stands out other than that. The Bite is good and spicy from the cinnamon and the fizz. The Head is decent but fizzes down a little too quick. The Aftertaste is cinnamon and a very light vanilla. I like this but it isn't exceptional. Also I know there's no label. Silly stubborn Portlandians...

The Atlantic Brewing Company Old Soaker Root Beer

The Body is sweet and creamy with vanilla and caramel hints, but it doesn't taste quite complete. There's something missing that should be in there that I just can't place. The Bite is solid and spicy with a smooth finish. The Head is phenomenal! It's so tall and frothy I couldn't pour the whole bottle at once. The Aftertaste is light vanilla and something slightly bitter, not my favorite. It's a decent brew with some bonus points for that amazing Head.

Cold Spring Premium Root Beer

The Body isn't super sweet and has a nice creamy vanilla flavor to it but it's light on the other root beer flavors. There's also something slightly off in the flavors that I can't place. There really isn't a lot of Bite to this one, it's nice and smooth. The Head is medium-tall and lasts a good long while. The Aftertaste is creamy vanilla. This is pretty decent but not all there.

Druthers Black Cow Vanilla Creme Root Beer

The Body is light and creamy and rather refreshing. It tastes a lot like a root beer float, which is what they're going for. It has an interesting mouth feel with only the mildest of Bites. The Head is tall but fizzes away in the blink of an eye. The Aftertaste is vanilla cream that lasts awhile. So it really comes across like a root beer float, a generic store brand root beer float, but a root beer float nonetheless. Not bad.

Mom's Root Beer

The Body is sweet and rich and a little creamy. It has a generic creamy root beer taste that could be a little stronger. The Bite is okay. There's a bit of spice and fizz. It's on the smooth side. The Head is average; nothing special but not bad. The Aftertaste is a light caramel vanilla flavor. This is quite pleasant but nothing special.

Phillips Captain Electro's Intergalactic Root Beer

The Body is sweet and complex, very complex. It starts with a creamy vanilla sarsaparilla flavor that is augemented by dark molasses and licorice. Then a very solid and spicy Bite comes in; the spice and flavors of cloves, cinnamon, and black pepper. The Head is very tall and frothy and just impeccable. The Aftertaste is spicy vanilla that gives way to sarsaparilla. There's a lot going on here, and it works pretty well, but a distinct lack of a sassafras core to really tie it all together keeps it from rating higher.

Bedford's Root Beer

The first two bottles of this stuff that I drank were wonderful, but the rest were lacking. The Body is sweet and creamy but a little weaker than it should be. Also, there is a hint of something strange in the flavor that just doesn't belong. The Bite is really non-existent. The Head is nice, but not frothy so even though there is a lot of it, it doesn't linger. The Aftertaste is pleasant, but that same strange flavor is there. This root beer on the whole has got the right stuff, but just not enough.

Pithy Little Root Beer

The Body greats you with luscious, sweet vanilla and some caramel but then proves to be rather hollow after that. There really aren't any other distinguishable flavors. The Bite is distinctly lacking, especially in the spice department. The Head is medium height but fizzes away quickly. The Aftertaste is more delicious vanilla. I do love me some vanilla, but this really doesn’t have much else.

Thomas Kemper Root Beer

The new recipe from the Thomas Kemper folks after having abandoned their Pure Draft original recipe ... The Body has a noticeable honey flavor that’s a little fruity, which happens with some honeys. It tastes mildly of sassafras and there’s some vanilla in there as well. It’s nice but the flavors are not very strong. The Bite is more like a nibble with a smallest bit of spice. Yet, it isn’t really smooth. The Head is very tall and frothy as is should be, enough to get some bonus points. The Aftertaste is a light vanilla with some cane sugar and honey going on, but not nearly enough I’m afraid. This one is rather bland; Sweet but bland. They should have stuck with the original

Teeroo's Private Label Root Beer

A unique recipe produced by Ginseng Up for Teeroos Private Label, this particular incarnation is labeled for Carl's BBQ Restaurants. The Body is sweet with a caramel sassafras flavor accented by vanilla. The Bite is okay, sharp carbonation with a little spice, but I'd prefer it more reversed. The Head is a good height but fizzes away very rapidly. The Aftertaste is some nice vanilla but it doesn't really last very long. This is a generic creamy root beer. Not bad, but nothing special.

Sioux City Root Beer

The Body is average. Not too sweet and rather "soda-ish". A good Bite, but on the harsh side and not too spicy. Only a fair Head. There is not much Aftertaste. All in all, good, but lacking in every department.

Zippy's Giant Root Beer

The Body has a medium sassafras flavor with some vanilla and honey that gives way to a slightly sour fruity flavor after several seconds. Though there is vanilla it isn't very creamy. There is a strong carbonation bite that gives it a harsh mouth feel but there aren't any spices. So it has a lot of the bad Bite and not much of the good. The Head bubbles up high, but isn't frothy and fizzes away quickly. The Aftertaste is vanilla fruitiness with a dash of honey that doesn't last too long. It's not bad but the sour fruity flavor really detracts from the Body, and the Bite and Head could use some work.

O-So Vanilla Butterscotch Root Beer

The Body is sweet and hollow. While it's in your mouth there are really only faint traces of butterscotch and vanilla and not a lot else. I search in vain for the classic root beer flavors. The Bite from spices is non-existent but the carbonation level is very sharp and prickly so you can't really taste much until you swallow. It does, however, feel very smooth and rich in your mouth. The Head is medium tall and lingers awhile but not forever like some. The Aftertaste is a solid vanilla and butterscotch flavor that still doesn't have a lot of characteristic root beer to it.

Americana Root Beer

The Body has a dark sassafras flavor that turns rich and creamy with vanilla and honey. The Bite is lacking. The Head, despite the picture on the label, is the "two second Head" and thus dismal. The Aftertaste is vanilla and honey with some wintergreen. It's very delicious and the best part of this brew. The rest of it needs some work, especially the Head.

Old Red Eye Root Beer

It has a full Body with a rich sassafras flavor with creamy wintergreen and the slightest hints of licorice. There are a lot of spices as well. It has a strong Bite with a lot of spice and sharp carbonation burn. Too much for me. The Head is tall but fizzes down very quickly so it looks good when you first pour it out, but not much left once you get to drinking it. The Aftertaste is minty with a tad bit of licorice that tastes like black jelly beans plus spices. There's a lot going on here but it isn't really my favorite.

Olde Rhode Island Molasses Root Beer

I liked the dark rich Body of this root beer. It was even a bit sticky from the molasses. I wish it had a bit more vanilla in it though. The Bite was very harsh from carbonation but not much from spices which was disappointing. The Head was absolutely pathetic, especially considering the amount of carbonation in the brew. The Aftertaste was mild and creamy wintergreen which is very nice. Over all it has solid flavor without any bad tastes. However it is lacking in a few flavors. The poor Head and harsh Bite were also major downsides.

Old Town Root Beer Company Root Beer

This "premium micro-brewed root beer" is made with only the "Finest" ingredients such as sodium benzoate and "other Flavors." The Body on this is medium and slightly creamy. It has a very simple taste to it. There isn't much Bite to it, though, it does tingle the tongue a bit. The Head is very disappointing. It is on the low side and fizzes away in seconds leaving the root beer nearly flat. The Aftertaste is creamy vanilla with accents of honey and is honestly the best part of this brew. There isn't really anything bad tasting, but it needs a lot more good.

Millstream Old Time Root Beer

The Body is very light with the standard root beer flavors. It's a little creamy as well; sort of your standard creamy root beer type. The Bite is spicy and sharp. It's very nice but a little too sharp for my tastes but that spicy is very nice. The Head is nice. It is frothy, medium height, and lasts awhile. The Aftertaste is a letdown. There's the tiniest waft of vanilla that disappears without a trace followed by a hint of citric acid sour and then that's it. It's an okay brew but there's really nothing special about it and it is lacking in several areas.

Spike's Root Beer

This has a dark Body with a dominant sassafras flavor. The cane sugar is evident as well as the slightest whiff of wintergreen and that's it. No creamy, no spicy, no licorice-y no nothing. It isn't overly sweet yet just barely sweet enough. It's very simple. The Bite is simple as well, some carbonation burn and that's really it. It is nice and smooth from start to finish. The Head is very tall and decently frothy. It fizzes down at a moderate pace but still leaves traces of foam to the very end. The Aftertaste is some more sassafras with the tiniest bit of wintergreen. There is nothing unpleasant about this brew. It's got a solid root beer core without the slightest extra bit of accents, though it's a bit stouter than I prefer.

Victory Root Beer

The Body is medium strength with vanilla but turns sour and fruity; a rich and creamy fruity, but still fruity. The Bite is decent with spices but has a smooth finish. The Head is impeccable. It’s very tall and frothy and foamy and wonderful. The Aftertaste is a fruity vanilla that builds as you drink it. I never was one for fruity root beers.

Big Ben's Root Beer

This has a full dark Body. It is strong with sassafras and hints of anise and wintergreen. It is only slightly creamy. I prefer more. The Bite is very mild, mostly from carbonation. The Head builds to a good height but isn't very frothy at all and quickly fizzes away. The Aftertaste is mild wintergreen and sassafras. So it's a decent brew but there really isn't anything exceptional about it.

The Cubby Bear Root Beer

This has a sweet medium Body. It's moderately creamy with a vanilla flavor but on the whole it's a little weak. There's a very light Bite with few spices. The Head is short but rather frothy. The Aftertaste is a light vanilla flavor with the slightest hint of some fruity sour thing that is almost like bubble gum. Overall this is a decent root beer but really nothing special about it.

Hosmer Root Beer

This has a sweet creamy Body that is sadly also watery. It has all of the right flavors but they're just watered down. The Bite is excellent. It comes in solid after the initial contact with both carbonation and some cinnamon spice that finishes smooth. The Head is almost perfect. It's very tall but could be a little frothier. The Aftertaste is a light vanilla and spices but quickly washes away under all of the extra water they put in this. So it's a yummy root beer that somebody tried to stretch a little too far.

Gene Autry Root Beer

The Body is very light and mild. Vanilla and wintergreen surface after a few seconds and add some much needed flavor to it. It has a very harsh Bite from the carbonation and citric acid that gives way to a prickly burn. I'm not a fan. The Head is nice; medium height and pretty frothy, it lingers for awhile. The Aftertaste is yummy vanilla and wintergreen that lasts a long time so if you drink the whole bottle pretty fast, those flavors build and the whole thing gets much better. If you just sip it slowly however, it stays pretty weak at the beginning of each drink. On the whole it's not bad but it needs a lot more to move to the next level.

Trader Joe's Vintage Root Beer

Well it seems that after my scathingly average review given to Trader Joe's original root beer, they have come back with a different (I have been assured) new, yet vintage recipe. So how does it fare compared to its ill fated sibling? The Body has a dark rooty flavor on the initial contact but then is rather hollow after that with only slight hints of vanilla and wintergreen. The Bite is solid but not too much. The Head is adequate and frothy. The Aftertaste is rather empty with a little creamy wintergreen flavor coming through and a little bit of fruity from the citric acid. The flavors just kind of disappear from your mouth. So it is definitely different than their original. But is it better? Well, if you like hollow bodied root beers with a solid bite and head than yes, but if you prefer a full bodied root beer, which I do, then sadly no. It isn't bad by any means, it just isn't enough. You can get this in Trader Joe's.

Frostie Root Beer

The Body is good, but has a strange, unplaceable flavor surfacing after the initial contact. There is a good Bite. The Head good as well. The Aftertaste is that same strange flavor, which isn't gross, but just doesn't belong. If it were not for this aforementioned flavor, Frostie would've rated higher. I ordered this online.

Caruso's Legacy Robusto Root Beer

What an unbelievable Head! It foamed up so much that it spilled over and I still had a quarter bottle left to pour. It was frothy too though it could be frothier. The Body was rather unimpressive. It was good on the initial contact and slightly creamy, but after that it was very hollow. Then there was that amazing Head, taller than Henry's. The Bite was decent. Nothing special though. Did I mention the Head? Wow! I had to lower my pouring height for the subsequent bottles so it wouldn't overflow. The Aftertaste was rather lackluster like the Body. It was kind of icky with a hint of fruity and vanilla. This root beer was not very good, but not that bad, and there was that Head.

Root 66 Root Beer

This has a complex Body with too much Bite. Head is okay. The Aftertaste could use vanilla. This was the only root beer with a stong anise flavor in it that I could at all stand.

IBC Root Beer

An okay root beer by my standards. Good Body and Head but too harsh and too much Bite for my taste. Aftertaste is okay, the best part about this is that it is much cheaper than the rest.

Cicero Beverage Company Chicago Style Root Beer

The body is a medium strength standard root beer flavor that isn't overly sweet. The Bite is sharp on the tongue and a little harsh going down. Not my favorite. The Head is extra tall, but fizzes down really quickly. The Aftertaste is a light and sweet vanilla flavor. This is an alright brew that is rather refreshing, but doesn't really have anything to jump out and grab your attention.

Mt. Angel Brewing Company Root Beer

The Body has a rich strong minty flavor with a hint of fruity. It isn't really creamy and is a tad bitter and sticky. The Bite is pretty non-existent. There's a little carbonation tingle and the slightest mint burn but really nothing. The Head is short, very short, but frothy. The Aftertaste is very minty and a little bitter and fruity. Not my favorite I'm afraid, but decent.

Wooley Bugger Root Beer

The Body is minty and I want to say birchy. There's a little anise as well. There's a strong wintergreen Bite but that's it. The Head is short yet foamy. The Aftertaste is wintergreen and birch that's a tad bitter. This tastes more like a birch beer to me, though I can't claim to be an expert on them. It still passes as a decent root beer.

Dang! That's Good Root Beer

This has a full Body with the standard root beer flavors. There is something slightly out of place with the flavor though, maybe a little too much licorice root or something. It is also a tad creamy. The Bite is pretty sharp on carbonation and very light on spices, rather the reverse of how it should be. The Head is pretty weak and fizzes away in seconds. The Aftertaste is pretty empty and is just a sugar flavor with the tiniest bit of vanilla that quickly evanesces. There is nothing really special about this brew at all and the Head and the Aftertaste are gravely lacking.

Chicago Draft Style Root Beer

The Body is nice and full. It's almost creamy but not really. I want to say there's vanilla in there somewhere. There's also the slightest hint of cola in a Barq's-y sort of way. Bite is prickly from carbonation but not really spicy, neither is it smooth. The Head is very tall but fizzes down quickly. The Aftertaste is some vanilla and that very tiny cola-ish-ness that doesn't really last long. It's okay, and slightly different than Cool Mountain which it shares the same recipe with but is bottled at a different location.

Jason's Deli Root Beer

The Body is mild with a different sort of favor. It's kind of candyish in a red vines type of way with some unknown spice and the slightest vanilla hints. There's a slight Bite to it, not much; just that mystery spice and some carbonation. The Head is very tall and foamy like a root beer Head should be. The Aftertaste is a little more of that spice and candy, but there's really not much Aftertaste at all. This is a pleasant enough drink that would go well with some deli sandwiches.

Barq's Root Beer

The Body is sweet with a very noticeable cola flavor accented by wintergreen, vanilla, and traces of more traditional root beer flavors. It is very different from most root beers I've tried. The Bite, for all of the old advertizing "What do you mean Barq's has bite," is actually pretty mild. There is a little spice hint and some carbonation tingle. However, the giant caveat with that comes from the fact that the Head is huge but not very frothy. It fizzes down very quickly but before it does it almost escapes the glass. They pack an awful lot of carbonation in it which would give it quite a harsh Bite if it weren't poured, or at least poured more carefully than I do to evaluate the Head. The Aftertaste is vanilla with a dash of cola. It's definitely different from your average root beer but decent none the less. I'd drink it with a burger and fries if there was nothing better available, which happens to be the case if you visit a McDonald's, as long as you don't mind your root beer from a bag-in-box, which I actually do mind.

Foxon Park Root Beer

The Body is a little weak and watery. It is also slightly creamy with a hint of licorice flavor. The Bite is very sharp on the tongue, too sharp for my tastes. There is a little bit of spice to it but not enough. It also doesn't go down smooth. The Head is decent height but is gone far too quickly. The Aftertaste is creamy vanilla with a touch of wintergreen and is the best part of this brew. It isn't really that good, but it isn't bad either.

Dr. Brown's Root Beer

This stuff is Kosher, and it has no sodium. The Body is sweet but is not full. The overall flavor is wonderful but incomplete. The Head is weak. The Bite is okay but the Aftertaste actually leaves you quite disappointed. I found this at the ethnic foods section of a QFC in Seattle.

Stewart's Root Beer

This is an average root beer. Good Body, good Head, good Bite. But the Aftertaste is a weird one that lingers too long so that the more you drink the less you want. I found this on the West Coast.

Dad's Root Beer

This is alright. The Body is good. The Bite is a little harsh for me, I like it smooth. The Head is nothing special. The Aftertaste is not displeasing. I found this in British Columbia, Canada.

Ben's Old Fashioned Root Beer

It has a sweet generic tasting Body with a slight vanilla hint to it. It is sort of a candy vanilla flavor, like a vanilla tootsie roll. Maybe they use artificial vanilla. It is really smooth without much Bite at all. There's a bit of a fizz to it but that's all. The Head is a modest height and fizzes down quickly. The Aftertaste is more of that candy vanilla flavor. Overall it's kind of refreshing and pretty generic. Nothing bad, but overall, just okay.

The Grizzly Paw Soda Company Root Beer

The Body is rich and sort of creamy with a rather generic root beer flavor. There’s nothing that really jumps out at you. The Bite has got a lot of carbonation fizz but not really much in the spice department. The Head is short and doesn’t last very long. The Aftertaste is a light caramel licorice with a bit of vanilla that doesn’t last long enough. This is pretty meh but not unpleasant in any way. I'd drink it again.

Langers Root Beer

The Body is rather weak. It has a really strong honey flavor with some vanilla and some spices, but the core root beer flavors are really missing. It is pretty creamy. The Bite is pretty mild a slight tingle of carbonation and spices that goes down really smooth. The Head is pathetic. Barely more than a Two Second Head and then it is nearly flat afterwards. The Aftertaste is honey, lots of honey, sticky slightly spicy honey. I do like honey in my root beer, but this is more like a tad bit of root beer with my honey.

Jumpin Johnny's Root Beer

This root beer has an exceptionally sweet and delicious Body but although it is delicious at first, it proves rather hollow. There is not much Bite and it has very little Head on it. The Aftertaste is nothing special and even turns slightly fruity after awhile which counters the sweet flavor at the beginning. But because of the sweet delicious flavor, it does go very well with food and therefore is drinkable and actually very desirable in that a food like pizza is greatly complimented by the sweet flavor, and the pizza flavor will fill the hollowness and mask the unpleasantness of the Aftertaste.

Black Bear Legendary Root Beer

The Body is kind of weak and slightly creamy. It tastes pretty generic. The Bite is pretty weak as well, there's a little bit but it needs more. The Head is good. It is medium height with a long half-life, very frothy. The Aftertaste is a light vanilla flavor that lasts the right amount of time. It's about as generic as it gets with the exception of the Head.

Reading Draft Root Beer

The Body is crisp and full with the standard root beer flavors plus a little vanilla. Then there's an out of place fruity type flavor that really detracts from it. The Bite is sharp and sour. The Head is medium to high height with medium froth. It's good no doubt but not exceptional. The Aftertaste is vanilla with that out of place fruity flavor again. So this root beer starts out good but that sour fruity bit really just brings it down.

Mason's Root Beer

The Body is very sweet with an initial good root beer flavor, but then a slight fruity and out of place flavor sneaks its way in to disrupt the otherwise pleasant experience. The Bite is lacking. The Head is acceptable and rather frothy and foamy but on the light side. The Aftertaste is sticky and not quite as it should be. I think it may have something to do with more sodium benzoate and citric acid than flavoring in the root beer. "Keg Brewed Flavor" indeed. I ordered this online.

Boylan Root Beer

This has a very strong Body and an alright Aftertaste. It says "best head" on the bottle but the Head is not that good. The Bite is okay. I ordered this Online.

Towne Club Root Beer

It has a sweet medium Body where the generic root beer flavor slowly morphs into tasting like red vines. It is most curious. There is a little Bite, though it's hardly worth mentioning. The Head is medium height but fizzes down quickly. The Aftertaste is a light red vines flavor. Huh, red vine root beer. It's actually pretty decent. I'd have it again, occasionally.

Duffys' Rowdy Root Beer

The Body is moderately sweet with a light flavor profile. There's an out of place herbal bit that comes in and is sort of bitter as well. It's most unwelcome. Thankfully it soon is replaced by creamy vanilla. The Bite is very sharp from carbonation yet lacking in spice. The Head is very tall and also frothy and lingers, but not quite as long as the greats. The Aftertaste is vanilla with a hint of fruity. This is … okay.

Cool Mountain Root Beer

This has a strong, sticky Body. Kind of a "dark" flavor to it. It has a very solid Bite. The Head is acceptable, but it bubbles away quickly. The Aftertaste is anise-ish which is rather icky to me. When I drank it, there was an explosion of flavor in my mouth. The problem, it just doesn't stop exploding. I ordered this Online.

Rock Island Brewing Company Pumpkin Spiced Root Beer

The Body is spicy, very spicy. It's thick and rich as well with some vanilla and pumpkin syrup flavors featuring prominently. The Bite is sharp and intense from all of that spice. I think I'm getting cinnamon, allspice, and clove; maybe others too. It really burns in a way that puts hair on your chest. The Head is okay. It's medium-short with large bubbles but it sticks around for a bit. The Aftertaste is a honey pumpkin flavor that finishes with clove bits. They surely got that spiced part right.

Uncle Scott's Root Beer

This has a rather complex, but not full, Body with a prominent licorice and anise flavor as well as some cinnamon and vanilla. There's some caramel flavor in there too. It sadly tastes a little watery, not much, but a little. There is a small cinnamon kick for a Bite which is kind of nice but still smooth, too smooth actually, as the carbonation is severely lacking. The Head is pitiful. There's really nothing at all. Just a slight bubble up that doesn't even cover the whole surface before it disappears. It makes the "two second Head" look good. The Aftertaste is vanilla with some cinnamon and licorice. The flavor is actually rather intriguing and unique but the whole presentation needs some serious work.

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