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The Fallen Root Beers: Seal of Approval brews whose recipe was changed for the worse

Root Beer


Iron Horse Root Beer

This is fabulous! It has a very sweet full Body and a nice Bite. The Head is wonderful, just like it is supposed to be. The Aftertaste is of vanilla and honey and is most pleasurable. When I first took a drink of this I got weak in the knees and knew it was what I had always been looking for. I found this online from the Bev Net.

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Tommyknocker Root Beer

Oh baby, this is a hearty root beer if ever there was one. The Body is full of flavors, the standard vanilla and sassafras, and then a strong yet wonderful maple flavor coming in after the initial contact. The Bite is excellent, they put in a whole bunch of strange herbs and roots and things that for once don't taste gross nor detract from the experience and yet make a nice but smooth bite. The head is comparable to the other greats, full and frothy. The Aftertaste is very mapley with just the right amount of vanilla. It is a brew that conjures up images of gruff mountain men with tall frosty mugs quaffing to their heart's content. I found this at a gas station in Baker City, OR.

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Myers Avenue Red Root Beer

Oh my gosh! This stuff is different and yet great. The Body is great and creamy yet a little weak as far as the normal "root beer" flavor goes, but not bad really in any way. Then comes the amazing Bite with cinnamon but not too much so it is still smooth. The Head is excellent rivaling the other top root beer heads. The Aftertaste is of cinnamon and vanilla, a great way to end a great drinking experience. This is completely different than any other root beer that I have ever drank.

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