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Eric's Home Root Beer Bar

You see, being a root beer connoisseur doesn’t exactly lend a person any convenient place to really sit down and try a variety of different root beers; after all, root beer isn’t ‘beer’ beer and often isn’t served at the local bar like everything else on tap. But if you pride yourself on your love for a bottled glass of root beer like myself, or perhaps even want a kid-friendly place in your home to enjoy some fresh drinks (since I now have kids as well), you may want to consider building a home root beer bar. Just like a home bar without the alcohol, a root beer bar can be a cozy corner of your kitchen or even a full-flung affair. How you design it depends on your willingness to experiment and how dead-set you are on having a place on the ready to enjoy a good, old fashioned root beer without a bunch of drunks messing around with your good time.

If you’re building the home root beer bar more for the enjoyment of root beer and less for kid-friendly reasons, you can be more traditional in your approach. In fact, you can effectually design your home root beer bar to be a home bar that serves root beer. You’ll still have full-height bar stools that swivel, a clean countertop and perhaps a bar made of dark wood or metal. The big difference: the bar’s stocked with a plethora of your favorite root beer selections, versus having can after can of mass-produced draft (like I would ever drink that stuff anyways). Of course, this also makes it easy to convert the place into a beer bar if you plan on having the guys over for a harder drink sometime, though I definitely would keep it just root beer.

If you’re really focused on making a family-friendly home bar, then a kid-oriented root beer bar should work better for your needs. You may want to try a home bar countertop with varying counter heights, so that both adults and kids can sit comfortably and enjoy a refreshing glass. Since you’re attempting to make a kid-friendly environment, you may want to limit alcohol paraphernalia as well as anything sharp, but that doesn’t mean you have to suppress your creativity. With a devoted, fun space, you can encourage a fondness for the drink among kids, so perhaps they’ll want to build a home root beer bar for their own children someday. After all, you don’t want your kids drinking root beer out of a can someday and calling it ‘wonderful,’ do you?

The home root beer bar experience doesn’t have any predetermined parameters, mostly because few people build them. But if you’re a true lover of the beverage, why limit yourself to just beer at a home bar just because everyone else does? As you can see from the photo below, my previous root beer taste testing tables left much to be desired. Going forward, I definately want a quality home root beer bar. I'll post updates and photos as the project progresses

my work table

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